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The process of growing sweet potatoes has been passed down from generation to generation in our family. In order to achieve the best quality of sweet potato, we are hands-on during every stage of production. Our dedication and attention to details sets our sweet potatoes apart in both quality and flavor.

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The Matthews family has been growing sweet potatoes for over 100 years. Terris Matthews started farming as a fourth generation sweet potato farmer with Matthews Brothers. During his time with Matthews Brothers, he learned how to market our potatoes to local vendors and finally gained a few major distribution centers. Matthews Brothers continued to add acreage to keep up with the demand.

In 2006, Terris, along with his wife Kim, felt it was time to branch out on their own. The family began what is now Matthews Ridgeview Farms, thus the fifth generation is adding a new chapter to an already rich history of sweet potato farming. Terris took his own land and added some additional rental property to create this new enterprise. The farm has the capability to sell over a million bushels of sweet potatoes per year. Matthews Ridgeview Farms 
purchased the former PolyOne building in Wynne, Arkansas in 2007 and began work on converting it into a warehouse/packing facility. The building provides cold storage for nearly an entire crop of sweet potatoes as well as office space that serves as the farm's headquarters. With the acreage of of sweet potatoes, Matthews Ridgeview Farms have set themselves apart as the largest grower/packer/shipper in the state of Arkansas.

Matthews Ridgeview Farms has continued to expand by adding new storage and packing facility and additional acreage in 2009. The additional facility is located about forty-five miles south of Wynne. In 2010, Matthews Ridgeview Farms purchased 60,000 square feet of climate controlled storage one mile from headquarters in Wynne, AR.

Matthews Ridgeview Farms is a “family” operation. Terris’ business partner and wife, Kim, is an essential part of the operation. Thanks to none other than the sweet potato for bringing these two sweethearts together. Terris was selling sweet potatoes to a company in Tennessee where Kim worked. The two started dating and eventually married. Terris is thankful to have his parents, David and Mickie Matthews around lending a helping hand. Their advice and guidance has been proven invaluable to the operation.


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