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Year round Process

Spring - The seed which is usually small root potatoes that are stored in our warehouse from fall to spring are usually bedded in March. The bedding involves planting the actual potatoes in rows, covering them with dirt and then covering the rows with a plastic wrap. The plastic helps keep the warmth and moisture inside. In April, the plastic is removed when plants start pushing out of the dirt and plants are ready to be cut.  The plants, also known as slips, are removed by cutting above the soil line and ready for transplanting into the field.

Spring thru summer - Field planting usually begins in mid-May.  Once the slips have been planted, they begin to cultivate stronger roots to absorb the nutrients and moisture for growth. The slips will continue to grow and produce sweet potatoes until they are harvested in the fall.

Summer thru fall - Sweet potato harvest usually takes 100 – 120 days after being transplanted.  When the sweet potatoes are the appropriate size, we begin harvest.  This is usually the beginning of September. The sweet potatoes are mechanically harvested and graded in the field and put into the wooden bins.   Then the sweet potatoes are transferred from the field to the warehouse where all bins are all tagged for sizing, field, variety and harvest dates for traceability purposes.

After the sweet potatoes are brought to the warehouse, we store them in temperature-controlled coolers.  We add heat to help the curing process then cooler temps for storage to ensure the best quality for a year around supply.

The sweet potatoes are stored in the dirt then washed, graded and packed upon orders from our customers.

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